MFI and Community Conservation Partner Perform Pioneering Restocking of Trochus Species

Posted: April 17, 2015

Malampaya Sound, Taytay, Palawan - Pioneering restocking of Tectus niloticus, a trochus species, was conducted by Malampaya Foundation and the community of Bgy. Tumbod in the proposed strict protection zone of outer Malampaya Sound in Taytay, Palawan on April 16, 2015.


The activity is part of Malampaya Foundation's marine conservation program Barangay Aquatic Habitat and Underwater Regeneration Assistance (BAHURA) program to help regenerate reefs and revive the populations of near-extinct invertebrate species. An initial 1,000 Tectus niloticus were released by the team led by MFI Trustee Dr. Edgardo Gomez, one of the Philippines’ National Scientist for Marine Biology, together with Tumbod bgy officials.


Tectus niloticus, a marine gastropod mollusk, can grow up to 15cm in size. It is commercially used for mother of pearl buttons, mother of pearl beads, pendants and others, which resulted in its over-extraction and depletion.

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