Alternative Energy

In areas where power is a challenge, Malampaya Foundation contributed towards electrification using solar panel units to communities’ vital infrastructure such as barangay health centers and select off-grid public schools.


Lighting with Alternative Energy

Tanglaw Kalusugan (Light for Health) is Malampaya Foundation’s pioneer program, providing 499 solar panel units to Palawan’s Barangay health centers, rural health units satellite clinics and district hospitals, enabling the continuous delivery of health services in off-grid health centers or during power outages.

This program complements an existing anti-malaria program implemented by Pilipinas


Shell Foundation throughout the province which requires the use of microscopes for early malaria detection.

Latest News

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AMORE-MFI Partnership for Public School Electrification and Sanitation

Malampaya Foundation teamed up with the USAID-funded program Alliance for Mindanao Off-grid Renewable Energy (AMORE) to pilot the electrification of select off-grid schools in Coron. The program includes a component on the provision of safe water and sanitation infrastructure to waterless rural schools.


Solar panel units for off-grid public schools


Handwashing facilities connected to a water
harvesting facility.


The water storage tank
connected to the
handwashing facility.