Livelihood and Enterprise Development

Empowering communities through livelihood and enterprise development is one of Malampaya Foundation’s key priorities to improve the lives of community-folk.


Helping Self-Sufficient Community Entrepreneurs

Launched in 2010, the Batangas Livelihood Program (BLP) seeks to provide alternative means of livelihood to respond to the increasing cost of living and help meet the basic needs of women and their respective households.

Through the provision of alternative financial assistance, capacity-building of micro-lending institutions and alternative livelihood trainings, BLP aims to spur the economy of communities through entrepreneurship in Batangas communities.


Entrepreneurial and trade skills training are undertaken for
the Batangas Livelihood Program.


Micro-financing assistance is made available to deserving

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Enabling efficient and environment-friendly food production

Over 1,500 farmers have been taught environment-friendly methods of farming in Palawan and Oriental Mindoro to help mature farmers increase their yield through organic technologies, production of natural and chemical-free fertilizers, maximization of resources and reduction of waste.

Farmers are also taught other valuable skills such as marketing, accounting and farm planning to build their capacity on business management. Post-training assistance is provided through continued mentoring, provision of farm tools and materials, and follow-on trainings in balancing food production and terrestrial environment conservation.


Use of non-GMO seeds is promoted.


Recycling and reduction of waste is integral in organic